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Bixp is a business site(https://bixp.org) that provide personal platform to business brands to showcase their products and services to customers/clients globally. The platform provides an end to end access to customers/clients to find and do businesses online with business providers globally.
The brand BixP is owned solely by BIXP LLC, registered under the limited liability company act of the state of Delaware in the United States of America and is located at 256 Chapman Road STE 105-4 in the city of Newark ZIP Code 19702.
The primary responsibility of Bixp is to serve as an intermediary between businesses and their customers globally. Businesses are set up to make profit and profit can be made when businesses are patronized by customers/clients. The big question is, how will business place their products in front of their customers globally online that will give customers/clients the confidence to patronize them?
This big question is what Bixp has resolved after long years of research and hard work. In order to organize global businesses for better accessibility by customers/clients, we created an online business platform where businesses are properly classified into 12 distinct categories with related sub-categories for customers to easily locate businesses globally online for patronage. Businesses are grouped by countries on the platform, as such, customers can easily do business world-wide as if they are doing business locally without a third party getting involved in their business deals.
BixP is designed to bring businesses of same identity into same classification so that customers can easily locate any business without the hustle of surfing the web.
So, what do you get if you register on BixP Global:

• Registration is free and there are no subscription fees of any sort.

• Your customers can easily identify your brand and do business with you.

• Your customers will be confident to do business with you knowing that they will get value for payment.
• You will have your personal platform with your brand name so that you can promote it rather than doing business under the banner of another brand.
• You have a content managed platform, where you are fully in charge of your platform. You customize your platform to suit your purpose.
• There is no third-party involvement in the transaction between you and your customers, so you will have business confidentiality.
• It is an end to end platform where your customers can initiate transactions, negotiate, pay, and receive delivery for goods and services. However, you determine the steps that you choose to activate.
• Your platform is multipurpose, it does not matter what business you do, whether you are into sales or services, just customize your platform to suit your purpose.
• The cost you pay for designing, maintaining, and hosting a website is taken away from you as you register to get a platform on BixP Global free.
We are introducing to you BixP, a product of BixP LLC incorporated in the USA. You are amongst the first to receive this information and I want you to know that you are not getting it by accident, but because it is purposely designed for you.

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